Is my crankset compatible with the EXAKT PowerMeter?

The EXAKT PowerMeter pedal are compatible with all the market cranksets, since they can accommodate a standard pedal (9/16 X 20 mm thread)

Which head units are compatible with the EXAKT PowerMeter?

The EXAKT pedals are compatible with every head unit communicating in Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT +.

How to install my pedals?

Refer to the « quick start » procedure

Which kind of cleat should I use? What tips should I know?

Exakt PowerMeter pedals are compatible with the two LOOK KEO cleat standard version: KEO GRIP and KEO CLEAT. 3 float options are available 0° / 4.5° / 9.


Make sure to check the curve radius of your sole, using the information provided by the manufacturer of your shoes or the specific tool developed by LOOK. The recommended standard curvature is R150. A lower bend means a flatter sole and this can can result in play between your cleat and pedal, as well as noise. Use specific LOOK spacers to re-adjust the curve radius of your sole.

Why should I orientate the pedals during installation?

When using the EXAKT PowerMeter on your bike, the pedals should be oriented to measure the tangential force you apply to the pedals. To help you position your pedals, it is recommended to use the EXAKT application that allows you to check the perfect orientation. While exerting a central pressure on the pedal body, adjust the orientation of the pedal until you are in the center of the gauge.

Is the installation between the EXAKT SINGLE and EXAKT DUAL models different?

The installation procedure of the EXAKT Single version is identical to that of the EXAKT Dual version. The EXAKT Dual version is equipped with two instrumented axes – which allows to give the differentiated power between the right and left leg – it is therefore necessary to repeat twice the installation procedure – including the orientation of the pedal angle – for each of the two pedals.

What does the light code of my yellow LED inside the pedals mean?

When the pedal turns on by spinning the pedal body the LED will flash once for the first ten revolutions to indicate cadence and that the pedal is working correctly. If the LED does not flash check and if no dirt inside the hex pocket is blocking the LED and if the pedal is fully charged.


If a Bluetooth connection is established, the LED flashes repeatedly for 1-2 seconds. This indicator helps to see which pedals are getting connected and if the connection was successful.

How to update the software of my pedals?

The SRM – LOOK team regularly develops software updates to enhance your EXAKT experience. Updating your pedals allows you to benefit from the latest developments available. To do this, use the EXAKT app and connect your pedals with Bluetooth. As soon as your pedals are paired with the application you can start the update in the associated tab.


In the case where one of the pedals is not detected by the application, check the following points:


– Do you awaken your pedals to get them out of their standby mode?

– Is your smartphone Bluetooth mode switch on?

How can I recharge my pedals?

The EXAKT PowerMeter pedals have an autonomy of 100H. A first signal indicates a low battery level when there is only 20% left, then a second message indicates a critical battery level at 10%.


You can then charge your pedals, without disassembling them, thanks to the supplied magnetic charger.


The full charge takes about 3 hours.

How do I use the Zwift mode?

The Zwift mode allows you to connect your EXAKT power sensor to “indoor” training platforms. These only communicate with one pedal. If you are equipped with the EXAKT DUAL version, you need to change your pedal configuration. To do this, go to the EXAKT application, to activate the Zwift function in the installation tab. Don’t forget to deactivate the mode to find your DUAL configuration once your training has finished.

How can I pair my right pedal with my left pedal?

If your pedals are unpaired and the right pedal no longer recognises the left, it is easy to repair in the app. In the INSTALLATION tab you can enter the serial number for the left pedal so you can pair it with the right one again. The serial number for each pedal is engraved on the pedal itself.