Mathilde GROS
Team Delko Marseille Provence
Mathilde GROS
Team Delko Marseille Provence

“The ultra-lightweight makes it a perfect weapon.“


Power is now king in the professional peloton. Discover with Team DELKO how the EXAKT pedal can help optimise the performance of racing cyclists every day.


To improve performance, you first need to measure it, then analyse and interpret the mechanism. The EXAKT pedals play a fundamental role in this measuring and analysis, to then be able to optimise team performance planning according to your objectives.


“Victories in professional cycling today are down to attention to detail. Performances are collective and it is therefore essential to create a plan to maximise the performance of each racer, all while retaining the vision of a collective performance in a race.” 


“Within the team, each racer is different and reacts differently to the stresses of training as well as environmental conditions such as altitude or temperature. Knowing these factors in detail, the strong and weak points of each racer, will allow them to be worked with individually.”


The racers themselves are looking for a reliable, precise and easy-to-use product so that they can concentrate instead on the quality of their training.


The data gathered in real time by the EXAKT pedals allow the racers to adapt their effort according to the conditions they find themselves in as well as their levels of fatigue. This will help them to better manage and spread out their energy usage.


The majority of them really appreciate the “post-race” analysis that allows them to match up figures with the sensations – good or bad – that they felt during the day. This will allow them to better understand their own bodies and has an important psychological impact.

“To have power in the pedals is for me a first time, but the data is very accurate and the design of the Exakt Pedal is smart but simple.
Measuring left/right sides of the body is good to monitor pedaling efficiency and the power is measured perfectly through both pedals.
I really like LOOK pedals so for me the Exakt pedals are a great result by having quality pedals combined with a quality power meter”

Brenton Jones

“EXAKT pedals are perfect for training sessions! Easy to use, as once the sensor has been set, it won’t budge and the fact that it’s located at pedal-height gives a more accurate power reading. The pedals can be recharged, which limits errors and means you save money on batteries. In two words: reliable and easy, thanks to their LOOK combined with SRM technology! An excellent product!”

Romain Combaud

Team Delko Marseille Provence / UCI Pro Continental Team

“It helps me track my form changes“

Preparing for a triathlon and especially an IronMan is a precision exercise. The ramp up is done gradually and must be managed in a methodical way if you want to be ready on D-day. Even with years of experience and knowledge of my body, it’s important for me to rely on specific, reliable values that allow me to guide my preparation in the months before my goal. It helps me track my form changes and my state of fatigue and adapt my training.

During the event I also manage my effort better thanks to the power sensor. It prevents me from overdoing things in euphoric moments – which always happen at 180 kilometres – and to better smooth my effort. This allows me to arrive – if I can say so because after 180 km it’s not always easy – in a cooler state for running.

I travel throughout the year to comment on cycling events for French television and it’s true that the ease of use of the EXAKT, the ability to transfer it from one bike to another quickly makes it an ideal training companion. I like the performance of a LOOK pedal and a power sensor in one and the same product.

Laurent JALABERT / TV consultant

“An efficient tool to help me get the absolute best out of myself“

When I started sharing my passion for cycling on social media, I never imagined how important it would become in my life. Cycling is one of the reasons I wake up with a smile every morning and I absolutely love sharing this emotion.
Cyclosportives are the perfect opportunity to push my limits and get the most out myself. However it is never easy to estimate the difficulty of a route and save enough energy for the final kilometers. To be able to manage the race with a powermeter integrated in the pedals is brilliant! It definitely saves me from being too hotheaded and burning all my matches at the start!
I travel regularly simply because I love discovering new places and sharing my experiences on social media. The great thing about the EXAKT pedals is that they are extremely easy to use and install. Even though I am not a pro I can swap them from one bike to another quickly and without difficulty.

Malena NOWOTARSKA / Blogger

Speed is the discipline that requires the most power on the track. You can be sure about that. I have to be particularly explosive for a very short time when I start my sprint, and these are the small details, the few extra watts, that set me apart from my opponents.

To develop these qualities, I work a lot in the weight room. “Lifting iron” to increase my maximum power is hard work. I then use the EXAKT sensor on the track, during my sprint sessions, to reinforce my weight training. Seeing and tracking the change in my performance allows me to stay motivated and focused on my goals.

The EXAKT power sensor is also a great help in choosing the gear I use in competition. Of course, it allows me to know my form better, but also allows me to understand the behaviour of each track better. The performance differs from one to the other, depending on the nature of the materials, the rate of hydrometry and the atmospheric pressure. Wood, for example, changes a lot. In summer it’s drier, with better performance which enables me to develop more. I always confirm the gear that I use in competition with my coaches and verify it with the performance data I’ve collected.

Mathilde GROS / Track professional cyclist